What is Digital Marketing

Does it seem like digital marketing is a trending word nowadays? Many gurus make it seem like marketing your business on social media is this new phenomenon since dial-up internet, but in this blog post, I am going to debunk that myth and explain digital marketing and how you can use it to scale your business to $100k in sales.

Digital marketing has coined a term in the early 2000s but the concept of digital marketing has been around since going to opera shows was a past time in England around the early 1900s. The very first live broadcast was streamed across radio for an Opera show that resulted in people purchasing tickets. The advertising was done via an electronic device as opposed to word of mouth or newspaper, digital marketing was then born and was used, at that moment, to scale their sales for that particular show.

So what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is advertising your business through digital channels. There are a dozen digital channels that you can market your business but my favorites are social media, web applications, and email. All in all, if your strategy to get someone to buy your product or service requires an electronic device, you are participating in digital marketing.

In this post,  we have already debunked the myth that digital marketing is a new marketing concept, although it's been around for 100s of years and also explained what digital marketing is. So how can you use it to scale your business to six figures in sales?

With the rise of people using their cell phones more and more for online experiences and daily tasks, it's important, more now than ever to use digital marketing in your sales strategy because most likely than not... your target audience is hanging out online.

The goal to putting together a profitable digital marketing strategy to scale your ecommerce store to $100k in sales is: content, social media, website, advertising and emails.

Content is king. With content, you are able to provide your target audience with value, show them the problem they are facing and how you are able to give them the solution to solve their problem. You then use...

Social Media to share the content to those who are interested. I know that you've heard the term "followers equal dollars". Although you don't need a million followers to convert into consistent coins. Use your social platforms to send traffic to your...

Website. Your website is like inviting someone to your store, digitally, to show them all you have to offer. Having your own aesthetically pleasing, high converting website is key to establishing credibility. Start your own website on the Shopify platform by clicking here.

Investing money into advertising on Facebook and/or Google is a great way to drive traffic to your web site from a specific group of people who potentially are interested in your product or service, but haven't personally ran across your brand yet. A good way to get them coming back and shopping are through...

Email marketing. Using email to follow up is one of the most profitable ways to convert leads into repeat buyers.

Although this system may look a little intimidating at first, once you put everything together.. you'll have a well oiled digital marketing machine guaranteed to get you sales. To help you get the ball rolling I have created an ebook to help you strategize and scale your business by using digital marketing strategies. Grab it here for $20 vs. $35 (PREORDER-ONLY-- Available 2/14/2020)

Strategically Scale
Create A Profitable Digital Marketing Strategy

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